Facilitator Training

Interested Facilitating Support Groups?

Thanks for considering being a Facilitator!  The more facilitotors we have the more meetings and the diversity of personal meeting styles we're able to offer.  We are always looking for people to facilitate support groups, or launch your own groups.  Before doing this, however you'll need to take our Facilitator Training, review the materials, and when possible, co-facilitate with an experienced facilitator.  Below are links to the on-line DBSA Facilitator training and other material.

Here are the documents you'll need once you start running groups:

  • Welcome - Read this at the start of every meeting to introduce yourself and let everyone know (or remind them) what this meeting is all about.
  • Preamble - Have someone in the group read this at the start of every meeting, to explain how the meetings work and what to expect.
  • Guidelines - Pass this around and have members each read one of these to remind everyone of our rules and guidelines.
  • Sign-In - Please print and pass this around at the start of every meeting so we're able to keep track of meeting attendance, and give everyone an opportunity to join our mailing lists.

Once you feel you are ready to start facilitating groups, please e-mail or call us (links above) to set up a co-facilitation, and get the materials you'll need to run meetings.